What Does Pellet Plant Mean To Us?

what pellet can do for us

Pellet Plant Meaning

Pellet plant is the factory that produce pellet products. Pellet is the uniformed small particle which is compressed by the pellet machine. According to the different types of raw materials, the pellets can be classified as several types, such as the biomass pellet,  software pellet, air gun pellet and iron ore pellet.

The pellet plant we are talking about in the following part means the biomass pellet plant, which is the factory that produced pellet fuel for both industrial power plant and the residential heating systems. A complete biomass pellet plant normally consists of wood chipper, pellet dryer, magnetic separator, hammer mill, pellet mill, pellet cooler, pellet screener and automatic bagging machine.

What Pellet Plant Means to Us?

Because of the growing demand for biomass pellet in Europe, biomass pellet plants have been developed rapidly around the world during the recent years. In the European Union’s 2020 climate and energy program, the biomass pellet has been treated as a carbon-neutral form of renewable energy. Therefore, most of the European power plants start to convert their coal burning system to pellet burning system, or at least coal and pellet co-firing plant.

As the industrial biomass pellet demand has been rapidly developed, the potential of the residential pellet demand has not been fully discovered. Most of the people does not realize the meaning of the biomass pellet to them.

Save heating bills

pellet plant can help you save your heating bills

Actually, the pellet plant does not only produce biomass pellet for large power plant. The biomass pellet can also be used for residential heating purpose.

As the biomass pellet has been widely applied in the central heating system, some people start to curious about whether the biomass pellet can be used as a fuel for their own house heating system. Soon after that, pellet stove has been put on the market. It is a stove that burns biomass pellet to heat your house or apartment. With the pellet stove, everyone can use biomass pellet to heating their house during the heating season.

The price of biomass pellet is much more lower than the traditional solid heating fuels, but its energy content is no less than the traditional solid heating fuels. Moreover, biomass pellet has a smaller size and lower moisture content than other solid heating fuels, which makes it easier to burn. Last but not least, commercial biomass pellet has a strict limit of chemical contents, which helps to control the fly ash when you burn the biomass pellet. Besides the above advantages, commercial biomass pellet is a clean solid fuel that has been sold in bags in the supermarket, such as Walmart. You don’t have to worried about that it may dirt your home.

Now you can see, the pellet plant is not far from our normal life. It is a facility that produce a renewable heating fuel to help lower our personal heating bills.

Protect environment

pellet plant is environment friendly

With the pellet plant has been rapidly developed in the United States, some environmentalists start to worried about the bad influence the pellet plant may bring. As the biomass pellet plant is using wood materials as a raw materials, they are worrying about that the pellet plants will cut down their forest.

Actually, the biomass pellet plant does not get their wood materials as most of the environmentalists thinks. Cutting down the trees and process them into wood logs and other products is what the forestry and logging industry does, not the biomass pellet plant. The raw materials of pellet plants are the wood by-products such as barks, wood chips, wood shavings and the crop wastes such as corn stalks, rice husk. This is because, in real biomass pellet production process, the raw materials must be small particles with low moisture content. Therefore the fresh wood logs are not suitable for pellet production, it has a higher moisture content and bigger size, which will increase the energy consumption of the drying process, and also need further equipment to process the logs into smaller particles.

As you can see, pellet plant is not a threat to the environment, it will not cause the decrease of the forests. On the contrary, it helps the society to get rid of the crop wastes that may pollute the environment. Moreover, because of the strict limits of the moisture content, ash content and chemical content of the biomass pellets, it is a renewable fuel has low carbon emission, which will help protect the environment.