Hammer Mill

hammermill introduction

As the pellet mill can only process the raw materials with a diameter lower than 5mm, before the pelletizing process takes part in a pellet plant, the raw materials such as straw, bark, branches, corn stalk, need to be resized. In that case, hammermill, which can grind the raw materials into pieces with the required size, is a necessary auxiliary equipment for a pellet plant.

Operation of Hammermill

The working principle of hammermill is simple. Basicly, hammermill is a metal drum, and inside, there is a rotating shaft with many hammers on it, which are fixed to the rotor. The rotor is rotating on a high speed while the raw materials are feeding in the grind chamber. After crashing and grinding by the hammers, the resized raw material will pass through the sieve holes by air flow, the particles which is failed to pass the sieve holes will go through the grinding process again. Here is the pictures of GEMCO hammermill inner structure:

Types of GEMCO Hammermill

Hammermill, also called wood grinder, is aimed to grind the materials into small pieces with a diameter below 5mm before pelleting. Unlike the wood crusher, the diameter of the raw materials for hammermill is no more than 50mm. In consideration of your different requirements of capacity, price and quality, GEMCO provides a various kinds of hammermill to meet your demand, both small hammermill and large hammermill are available.

small hammermillsmall hammer mill -420 Series

Technical data of small hammer mill

Model Power Size (mm) Net weight (kg) Spindle Speed (r/min) Screen Capacity (kg/h)
420B-7.5 7.5KW
(electric motor)
1200×1000×1220 285/310 3200 1.2-10 300-600
420B-11 11KW
(electric motor)
1200×1000×1220 310/330 3200 1.2-10 300-600
420A-15 15HP
(diesel motor)
1400×1000×1200 340/400 3200 1.2-10 300-600
420A-22 22HP
(diesel motor)
1400×1000×1200 370/410 3200 1.2-10 300-600
500A-55 55HP
(diesel motor)
2000×900×1700 400/420 3200 1.2-10 600-800

large hammermilllarge hammer mill -SFSP Series

Technical data of large hammer mill


Rotor diameter (mm) 800
Grinding chamber width (mm) 400 600 800 1000 1200
Spindle speed (rpm) 2300
Hammer line speed (m / s) 96
Power (kw) 22/37 45/55 75/90 110/132 160/200
Bearing Type C2997*5
Belt Model NSK 2317
Screen Size 200*2 200*3 200*4 200*5 200*6
Dimensions (mm) 2150*1130*1800 2150*1330*1800 2150*1530*1800 2150*1730*1800 2150*1930*1800

Special Features of GEMCO Hammermill

  • It can complete the particle grinding process and the particle separating process at the same time,all the powder will be retrieved.
  • It contains an air flow control valve, easy to control the fineness of materials without shutting down the hammermill.
  • It possesses a function of cooling, which controls the temperature of the grinding process, and keeps an uniformed size of the particles.
  • It has a compact structure, small footprint, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low noise.
  • It is simple to install, and convenient to replace the worn parts.Maintenance of Hammermill

Maintenance of Hammermill

  1. The bearing sustains the load of the machine, a good lubrication can help extending the service life of the bearing. And the lubricant must be clean and properly sealed.
  2. Check the newly installed tyre, it is easy to be loose.
  3. Be fully aware of the consumption of the wear part, and change it in time.
  4. Clean the powder and waste on the chassis where the movable bearing mounted, otherwise a fatal accident may happen when there are some unbreakable particles in the machine and the bearing on the chassis can’t move.
  5. If the bearing oil temperature is high, please shut down the machine and remove the peril.
  6. If there is a unusual noise when the rotary gear is operating, please shut down the machine and remove the peril.