Renewable energy is one of the most popular topic in the world. As more and more people start to realize the serious pollution problem that caused by fossil fuels such as coal, renewable energy becomes more and more valuable for the energy industry investors. There is no doubt that renewable fuels will become more and more popular for both industrial and residential users.

With the rapid development of biomass energy industry, the majority of the industrial investors believes that wood pellet manufacture is a rising industry during the following decade. To start a wood pellet plant, there are so many factors for the investors to consider of, such as choose the suitable factory site, the electricity supply, recruit labor, find raw material sources, find the wholesalers and distributors for the supply market and so on. As we all know, he who enter the market first, gets the most opportunity to occupy the supply market. Therefore, every investor wants to start their pellet plant quickly.

Biomass energy is the energy that has been stored in biomass materials. It is not only a type of solar energy that use biomass as a carrier, but also the only renewable carbon source. The green plants store biomass energy through daily photosynthesis which convert the solar energy to chemical energy. Through photosynthesis, plants can convert 200 billion ton carbon content in carbon dioxide to carbohydrate, and at the same time, the plants also stores 3╳1013GJ solar energy, which is 10 times of current global energy consumption.

Biomass Pellet Background

Biomass pellet is a new type of renewable fuel which is made of high quality wood chips and corn stalks. The wood materials must go through several processes such as crush, mix, compress and drying to become biomass pellets fuel which can be burned directly.

The development of new energy resources and energy saving are becoming more and more popular as the energy supply intensity. Except of developing all kinds of green energy and saving energy through daily action, we can also use all kinds of wastes materials to produce energy, such as the organic wastes can used to produce methane, and the wood wastes can used to produce wood pellets.

Why Use Biomass Pellets for Industrial Production

Biomass pellet fuel is a new types of compression molding solid fuel which turns the agricultural wastes and forestry wastes such as corn stalk,  wheat straw, wood shavings and wood chips into useful products. To burn the biomass pellets, we must use the biomass pellet boiler which is a little bit different from coal boiler.

Biomass pellet is a new type of renewable energy which has been considered as a popular substitute of fossil fuels, such as coal. It has been widely applied as the main fuel in multiple industries such as central heating system, residential house heating, industrial power...

As the combustion performance is the main concern of the end users. Therefore, get the comprehensive information of different biomass pellets combustion properties is quite important for the biomass pellet plants to produce the suitable biomass pellets for proper markets. We have talked about the design of biomass pellet combustion property test in the last post. This time, we will analyze the combustion property of the eight kinds of biomass pellets based on the test result.

Biomass pellet fuel is a typical solid biomass fuel which shows the advantages such as highly efficient, clean, easy to burn and carbon zero emission. Biomass pellet can be used in both civil and industrial fields such as cooking, heating, boiler combustion and electric generation. It is one of the famous substitutes of coal in the world. But the poor quality biomass pellet has high ash content and high alkali metal content, which may cause slag bonding, alkali and chlorine corrosion or serious fly ash problem in the combustors during biomass pellet combustion.

Pellet Mill Ring Die Installation

There are three pellet mill ring die installation methods, straight sided installation, conical sided installation, holt hoop installation. It is easy to install ring dies use the straight sided installation method. Straight sided installation makes the ring die steady, the ring die is not easy to tip. But the fixing bolt of the ring die is easy to break, so it is not suitable for industrial ring die pellet mill. Conical sided installation makes the ring die maintain perfect centering performance and great transmission torque.