Wood Pellet Application Overview

a picture of biomass pellets

Wood pellet is a common fuel product which is made from sawdust and wood wastes. The wood materials has been compacted into uniformed pellets by the complete wood pellet line. With years of development, wood pellet has been utilized into many different territories. And the end users can buy it in the supermarkets in Europe and America countries.

Wood Pellet for Animal Bedding

If you have the experience of keeping pets, or you have been to a stable, you will know that the animal bedding is a significant part to guarantee the live quality of the animals. There are many kinds of animal bedding, such as: wood shavings, corn cob, straw, wood pellet and so on.

The animal bedding pellet has a strict quality requirements. Normally, the animal bedding pellet is made from 100% pine wood. Compare it with other animal bedding, wood pellet shows a better adsorbing performance which can adsorb the animal excrement, lower the ammonia gas in the stable to keep the stable clean and dry. Right now, wood pellet is becoming the most popular animal bedding. As the strict requirements of the raw materials, the price of the wood pellet for animal bedding is twice as the price of normal wood pellet. But, because of its excellent adsorbing performance, wood pellet is still the most cost effective animal bedding choice.

animal bedding pellets

Wood Pellet for Industrial Purposes

Heating energy generation

Nowadays, the environment problem catches everyone’s eyes. The traditional way to generate heating energy (burning fossil fuel such as coal) has been criticized by the people. In order to lower the carbon emission, the central heating systems have no other ways but finding a substitute that is environmental friendly. Obviously, wood pellet is the perfect choice. And EU has developed a series of wood pellet quality standards to control the production of wood pellet. So the central heating systems in European countries have converted their coal firing boilers into wood pellet firing boilers or co-firing boilers.

heating boilers use wood pellet

Electric energy generation

There are many different energy sources that can generate electric energy, such as thermal energy, solar energy, wind power, nuclear energy, etc. Among all the sources of energy to generate electric power, thermal energy is one of the oldest way to generate electric power. Nowadays, there are still many thermal power plants around the world. The thermal power plants generate electric by coal firing, which shows the same environmental problem with the heating energy generation. So the majority of the thermal power plants in Europe started to co-fired wood pellet and coal. Right now, 90% of the wood pellets that have been exported to Europe is used for power generation.

pellet and coal co-firing plant

Fuel for industrial boilers

Compare to other fuels, wood pellet shows the outstanding characteristics as high density, better combustion performance, low carbon emission, and competitive price range. Therefore, many industrial plants use wood pellet as the fuel for their boilers. The wood pellet can be burned directly in the coal-firing boilers, there is no need to buy a new pellet boilers or refit the coal-firing boilers.

industrial boilers use pellets

Wood Pellet for Domestic Purposes

Fuel for house heating

The apartments and business buildings normally adopt the central heating system, but to heat the houses is a different story. Different families use different ways to heat their houses, such as the fireplace. With the development of wood pellet utilization, pellet stove is becoming more and more popular for the residential heating purpose. Pellet stove is a machine used to burn wood pellet to heat the house. It has the characteristics as clean, small footprint, temperature uniformity, no pollution, and no dust. Normally the price of a pellet stove is about $600-2000 dollar, which is affordable for most of the people. And the wood pellets that sold in the supermarket is about $2 per kilogram. Due to its better burning performance, it is much more cost effective than the stove coal and charcoal.

a picture of pellet stoves

Fuel for BBQ

BBQ is one of the most popular ways to cook food in the world. On the holidays, people always invite their friends and families to their house to throw a BBQ party. Many families bought their own grill, fuel and other tools for BBQ. The traditional fuels for BBQ are coal and charcoal. As we all know, they will surely generate a large amount of smoke. As wood pellet has become a popular fuel, some company developed the wood pellet grill for BBQ, which generates less smoke, and the pellet fuel is much more easier to burn.

pellet grill for BBQ