Biomass Pellet Plant Project Summary

3D biomass pellet plant design

With the raising price of fossil fuel and the serious concern about the environment,  wood pellet is becoming more and more popular in the western countries. Therefore, a considerable numbers of pellet plant projects has been established and realized in reality.

Pellet plant project, is a combination of wood pellet market study and the plant design based on biomass pellet plant technology. Every year, there are many new wood pellet plant projects has been established, prepared, constructed, and started to work. According to the different scale of biomass pellet production, the supply market for the biomass pellet plants and the required equipment for the biomass pellet plants are various. As a professional biomass pellet plant solution provider, Gemco divided the biomass pellet plant projects into two types, just based on the plant capacity the customers required.

Small Scale Biomass Pellet Plant Project

small pellet plant project solutions

A small scale biomass pellet plant project is with the pellet mill capacity under 1 ton per hour. The small pellet plant project is designed for the farmers, labs, schools, and even the small pellet stove providers, who has a small scale need for pellets. After the harvest season, there will be a large amount of crop waste left on the field. With a small pellet production line, these waste can be pelletized into commercial biomass pellet. Or, the farmers can pelletize their own feed pellet for their domestic animals. For the small pellet stove providers, the customers always require a complete heating solution, which include the wood pellet supply. Some pellet stove providers choose to buy the wood pellet from the wood pellet plants or the wood pellet wholesalers, therefore the cost of the wood pellet is normally high. In fact, some pellet stove providers start to establish their own wood pellet plant to increase the profit.

The small scale pellet plant customers are various, the small scale pellet plant solutions we provided are normally customerized. The small pellet plant customers always choose a raw materials with a small diameter, such as the wood shavings. As the needed quantity of the raw materials is small, so it is much easier for them to find the small sized feedstock than the industrial pellet plants. A typical small pellet plant is consist of the hammer mill ( for feedstock grinding ), the dryer ( for moisture control ), the pellet mill ( for pelletizing ), the pellet cooler ( for cooling ), and the packing machine ( for packaging ). In order to cut the labor cost, narrow down the occupied area of the pellet plant and increase the safety level, Gemco developed the mobile pellet plant for small pellet plant customers.

Large Scale Biomass Pellet Plant Project

large biomass pellet plant project solutions

A large scale biomass pellet plant project is with the pellet mill capacity over 1 ton an hour. The large pellet plant project is designed for the industrial wood pellet manufacturers, who aimed at produce large amount of wood pellet product to supply the domestic wood pellet wholesalers and retailers, the industrial power station, or even export the wood pellet to supply the oversea customers.  As we all know, the largest wood pellet consume area is in Europe. So many industrial wood pellet manufacturers are looking forward to develop a supply demand relationship with the European customers. Or, for the wood pellet manufacturers in Europe, North America, and Oceania, the increased residential wood pellet market is also a good entry for the industrial wood pellet manufacturers. In western countries, wood pellet is a well known fuel product, you can buy the wood pellet in the supermarkets and many small shops on the street. In Asia, wood pellet is a new substitute fuel for power and heating generation. But due to the wood pellet consume statistics in Asia, it is obvious that Japan and South Korea are emerging wood pellet consume markets, which will expect to expand rapidly in the following decade.

The entry markets for the large scale pellet plant customers may be different, and as it is a commercial product, the industrial pellet plant may probably need the special equipment for their pellet production. The capacity of industrial pellet plant is larger than the capacity of small pellet plant, therefore the raw material supply for a large pellet plant must be stable. Hence, the raw materials such as: crop waste, wood chips and wood shavings are treated as the supplementary materials for large scale wood pellet production. The main raw materials for industrial pellet plant are various, such as: wood panel, logs, barks, hay, EFB materials and so on. Based on the different types of raw materials, the pellet plant equipment is likely customerized. A typical large pellet plant is consist of the wood chipper (to reduce the diameter of the materials like logs, wood panels), the dryer (to reduce the moisture content), magnetic separator (to separate the raw materials from metal particles), hammer mill (to grind the raw materials into fine particles), ring die pellet mill (to pelletize the raw materials into biomass pellet), the pellet cooler (to reduce the temperature of the biomass pellet), the pellet screener (to separate the high quality pellet from the fine particles), automatic bagging machine (to pack the biomass pellet into required bags).

In order to ensure the profit for the biomass pellet plant customers, every pellet plant project Gemco provided is specially designed for the customer based on their personal situation.