Pellet Plants Create Job Opportunities

a picture of the staffs in a wood pellet plant

Pellet Plants Provide Huge Job Opportunities

Right now, wood pellet is the most popular substitute of the traditional fossil fuels. The global demand of wood pellet keeps increasing through the last decade, as you can find out through the researches, during the following decade, wood pellet demands will reach a new high. The strong market demand indicates that the rising of the wood pellet plant.

Wood pellet plant is an industrial plant which produces wood pellet product. It can not only provide the renewable fuel which can lower the carbon emission for the society, but also provide huge job opportunities to support the local economy.

There are a lot of pellet plants around world that can be taken as examples. Like the Highland Pellets in USA, the  company owns a wood pellet plant with a capacity of 500,000 metric ton per year. The Highland’s wood pellet plant creates more than 35 jobs opportunities and $86 million to benefit the local society per year. Another example is in South Carolina, a $110 million pellet plant is established by Portucel company. This wood pellet plant offers 70 new jobs for the local community.

What are the Jobs in Wood Pellet Plants

workers in wood pellet plant

To run a wood pellet plant successfully, a wood pellet plant requires several different types of jobs.

Accountant (Senior)

The senior accountant is the key member of the accounting department of a wood pellet plant. Normally, the senior accountant is responsible for the corporate accounting and reporting the transactions between the wood pellet plant and its business partners.

To be a senior accountant in a wood pellet plant, you must take the following responsibilities:

Prepare for the monthly financial close, and review the supporting documents for financial close.

Prepare and review the financial reports for tax, the executive team of the pellet plant and so on.

Monitor the intercompany financial transaction process.

Support the operational analysis and the requests of the external auditors.

Supervise the payroll and benefit of the company.

a picture of accountant

Electrical Maintenance Technician

The electrical maintenance technician must have the skills or abilities to install, adjust, troubleshoot, repair and maintain the electrical parts of the equipment in the wood pellet plant.

A qualified electrical maintenance technician is able to fulfill the following duties:

Have good troubleshooting techniques and able to accomplish the work safely.

The job is normally a three shift job, so you must be able to work rotating shifts.

Able to install and assemble the electrical components accurately.

a picture of the electrician of wood pellet plant

Fiber Sourcing Manager

The fiber sourcing manager is the leader of the raw material purchasing team in the wood pellet plant. The price and quality of the raw materials strongly impact the costs and quality of wood pellets. Therefore the job is one of the most important jobs of a wood pellet plant.

The responsibilities for the fiber sourcing manager of a wood pellet plant has been placed as follow:

Manage the purchasing team of the wood pellet plant.

Be accountable for the purchasing indicator, like the cost, the accuracy and sustainability of the delivered material forecast.

Make sure the high quality raw materials has been supplied continuous for the operation of the wood pellet plant.

Establish the strong supplier relationships with the trusty suppliers. Focus on the continued quality, delivery and productivity improvements.

Work closely with the plant manager to find the solutions which can help improve the product quality and cost of the wood pellet plant.

Be sensitive to the quality and market price for the harvested timber.

Make sure the materials are compliance with the corporate and environmental policies.

a picture of the purchase manager of wood pellet plant

Operations Manager

The operations manager of a wood pellet plant is the leader of the wood pellet production team. The core work of the operation manager is to direct, supervise and motivates the operators to operate safely and efficiently.

There are some things that an operations manager of a wood pellet plant must do:

Be responsible for the new hire recruiting, training and management.

Appraising and documenting the performance of the operators.

Help the plant manager to establish the operational objectives and strategies. The strategies must be able to improve the wood pellet plant safety, wood pellet quality and productivity of the wood pellet plant.

Develop production schedules. If the production of the wood pellet plant reaches the time or budget limitations, the operations manager must make the strategic decisions to achieve the wood pellet production.

Collaboration with the electrical maintenance technician to assure minimal disruption of all the wood pellet plant key equipment to production activities.

Supervise the complete steps of wood pellet production and develop new methods which can help reduce the costs of the wood pellet plant.

Control the product inventory of the wood pellet plant.

a picture of the operation managers in wood pellet plant

Plant Manager

Plant manager is responsible for the complete performance of a wood pellet plant. To apply for this job, you must have at least five years experiences of managing an industrial plant. You must be familiar with the industrial and environmental regulations.

The responsibilities for a wood pellet plant manager are:

Coordinating the different parts of the wood pellet plant, such as the production, cost control, quality control, safety management, housekeeping, worker training and the maintenance of the pellet plant equipment.

Be responsible for the hiring and training of the new workers.

Monitor the cost and earnings of the wood pellet plant weekly, make sure the pellet plant operate with budget.

Seek for new opportunities for the pellet plant.

Be responsible for the profitability of the wood pellet plant.

a picture of wood pellet plant manager