Ring Die Pellet Mill Rules The Market

ring die pellet machine and pellet burning

With the concern of global warming problem and the sustainable development of global economy, renewable energy has becoming a national strategy for most of the countries. As an important part of renewable energies, biomass energy has been quickly development in recent years.

Biomass Energy Steps in National Energy Strategy

Biomass energy is the most widely applied renewable energy. For example, in China, the existing biomass energy include biomass power generation, biomass gasification, biomass liquid fuels and biomass solid fuels (such as wood pellet, corn stalk pellet, etc). In 2007, biomass energy development begun to take shape in China. There are about 28 million biogas digesters in rural areas in China. The methane projects for poultry farms and industrial sewage plants is over 2200, the annual methane production volume is about 10 billion cubic meters. The installed capacity of biomass power generation is about 3 million KW. There are about 100 biomass power generation projects that use corn stalks as raw material are under construction. And the annual productivity of bio-ethanol is over 1.4 million tons. In China, the main problem of biomass energy development is raw material collection. Except for biogas, other biomass energy technology are still in the primary stage, many farmers do not realize the value of their crop waste, such as corn stalks. But in European countries, the development of biomass energy has been already highly developed. As you can see the numbers of biomass pellet plants in Europe is growing every year, and the European biomass pellet consumption has led the global market for many years.

Generally speaking, biomass energy development must obey four principles:

  • Biomass energy development can combine with rural economy development
  • Biomass energy development can improve the financial situations of farmer household
  • Biomass energy development can help improve environmental protection situation.
  • Biomass energy development can coordinate with food safety problem.

By the year of 2050, renewable energy may become the dominant energy. Right now, there are three energy supply systems, electricity supply system, oil supply system, and natural gas supply system. Of course, in short period, the existing three energy supply system will still dominant the world, but we should see that the world main economic entities have already set up their renewable energy strategies. Take EU as an example, EU has already set their goals of renewable energy development. In 2020, the renewable energy consumption will reach 20% of total energy consumption, but by the year of 2050, the renewable energy consumption will maintain half of the total energy consumption. There you can see the importance of renewable energy development.

As the important position of renewable energy in national energy strategies, there is a huge development opportunity for all types of renewable energies. As an important part of renewable energy, biomass pellet production is an good business opportunity for industrial investors as biomass pellet production holds the advantages of easy production, easy transport, wide application range, etc.

a picture of the sources of biomass

The Development of Ring Die Pellet Mill is the Certainty of Market Development

Nowadays, biomass pellet has been widely applied in many different industries, it is the most important substitute of fossil fuels, and you can find pellet plants in many different countries, such as China, USA, UK, France, etc.

The rapidly development of biomass pellet plants benefit from the development of ring die pellet mills. Ring die pellet mill is a large quantity biomass pellet production machine, normally with a capacity over 1ton per hour.

The development of ring die pellet mill is driven by the market demand. As the requirement of carbon emission reduction, many different industries have been impacted, such as thermal power plant. Coal has been widely used as the fuel of all types of industrial plants. To cut the carbon emission, all these plants need to find a substitute of their power fuel. In such circumstances, biomass pellet is a perfect choice for them.

Biomass pellet makes the biomass materials better utilized. It makes the crop and wood wastes such as corn stalks, cotton stalks, rice husk, peanut shell, wood shavings, sawdust, wood branches, barks into useful solid biomass fuel. The development of biomass pellet is beneficial for economy development, social society and environment protection. To develop biomass pellet, ring die pellet mill is the foundation of biomass pellet production technology. It is the core equipment of biomass pellet line.

Above all, with the growing concern of environment problem, biomass pellet industry will definitely receive more attentions and develop rapidly. Also, ring die pellet mill will help develop low carbon economy, more biomass pellet plants will be established around the world.

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