Pellet Plant Handbook : ENplus Certification for Wood Pellet Plant

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The Background and Goal of ENplus Certification

The ENplus certification is a quality control system not just focused on the manufacturing process of the wood pellet, but also covered the whole wood pellet supply chain ( from the production of the wood pellet to its delivery to the end users) . The goal of the ENplus certification system for wood pellet is to make sure that the wood pellet maintain a clearly defined quality for heating purposes. Therefore, all the interested parties of the wood pellet supply chain can become ENplus certified, which include the wood pellet plant, the wood pellet traders, and wood pellet service providers, etc. The ENplus certification is likely a quality guarantee for the wood pellet.

The ENplus trade mark is owned by the European Pellet Council (EPC), which is a member of the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM). Normally, there are three classes of the wood pellet qualities, the ENplus-A1, ENplus-A2, and EN-B, which is based on the specifications of the European standard EN 14961-2, solid biofuels – Fuel Specifications and Classes – Part 2: Wood pellets for non- industrial use.

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ENplus Certification Procedure for Wood Pellet Plant

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Find the suitable ENplus licenser for your pellet plant

There are two ways to get an ENplus certification, by the EPC, or by a national licenser. The ENplus certification can be applied around the world, so the right to issue the certificate to use ENplus brand to wood pellet plant is passed by AEBIOM to the national pellet associations that have been verified by the AEBIOM as the national licensers. If the country of your pellet plant has a national licenser, then you can apply the ENplus certificate by the licenser. Otherwise, the wood pellet plant can apply the certificate directly through the EPC.

The ENplus licensers for wood pellet plant

Country Association Website Telephone
Austria proPellets Austria Tel: +43 2233 70146-0
Canada WPAC Tel: +1 250 837-8821
Czech Rep. Czech Pellet Cluster Tel: +420 724 611 316
Denmark Biobraendsels foreningen Tel: +45 29 41 21 04 (mob)
France PROPELLET France Tel: +33 (0) 4 79 70 44 28
Germany DEPI Tel: +49 30 6881599-55
Italy AIEL Tel: +39 049 88 30-722
Lithuania Litbioma Tel: +37 069965049 (mob)
Portugal ANPEB Tel: +35 1 253510 239
Spain AVEBIOM Tel: +34 983 113 760
Switzerland proPellets Switzerland Tel: +44 250 88 11
UK UK Pellet Council Tel: +44 20 7925 3580

Find a suitable certification body for your pellet plant

The duty of a certification body is to check every relevant document, such as the application form, the audit results and the lab results. There are many certification bodies around the world. All the certification bodies are registered and cooperated with the EPC, and be responsible for all the countries. But, some of the national associations has their own cooperating certification bodies. Therefore, if you choose the following national associations for your wood pellet plant to apply the ENplus certification, then you have to choose the exact certification bodies which is listed as follow:

The special certification bodies for wood pellet plant

Nationality Certification Body Website
Austria  OFI CERT
Holzforschung Austria
Canada Control Union Certifications
Czech Republic TÜV NORD Czech s.r.o.
Denmark PCU
France FCBA
Germany DEPI/DQS
Lithuania PCU
Portugal APCER / SGS
Switzerland ProCert
United Kingdom Hetas

For the wood pellet plants in other countries, you are free to choose the certification bodies based on your own preferences. The certification bodies which accept wood pellet plants world wide: AENOR, ENAMA, FCBA, Holzforschung Austria, OFI CERT, PCU and TÜV NORD Czech s.r.o..

Find a suitable inspection body for your pellet plant

To get the ENplus certificate for wood pellet, the pellet plant must fill in the EPC application for inspection body, and all the auditors carry out inspections within the ENplus scheme. For the global wood pellet manufacturers, it is up to them to choose the inspection body for their own. No matter where your wood pellet plant is located, you can choose any of the listed organizations to set up your audits.

The accredited inspection body for wood pellet plant

Organization Telephone Website
AENOR +34-91-4326-148
BEA Institut +43-1 877 66 22
Biomass Energy Lab +1-218-428-3583
DIN CERTCO +49-30-7562-1156
ENAMA +39-06-40860030
Eurofins Umwelt Ost GmbH +49-3731-2076-500
FCBA (+33) 01 72 84 97 60
Holzforschung Austria +43-1-7 982 623-66
IUQ Dr. Krengel GmbH +49-0388-17839-0
OFI +43-1-798-1601-492
PCU Deutschland GmbH +49 (0) 5096988-18
PFS Corporation +1 608-839-1372
ProCert +41 31 560 67 70
SGS Institut +49 30 847 18 238
SGS UK Ltd. +44-78-41497-870
TUV HELLAS +30 2152157483
TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. +420 412 512 684
Woodsure Ltd +44 1179 582188

Fill in the application form for wood pellet plant

After you select the inspection body for your pellet plant, the next step is to download the application form. The application form of ENplus certification can be divided into several different types, for example: the forms for pellet manufacturers, the form for pellet traders, the form for pellet service providers, etc. According to the different business types, there are also some data sheets which have to be filled, such as the sheets for plants, vehicles, pellet stores, service providers and so on. Also, the contract of the ENplus license is included in the application form.

Before you finished the application forms and try to submit it, there is one more thing you have to do — find a registered testing body. The testing body is an organization which helps to do the pellet testing for your pellet plant according to the EN 14961-2 standard. For the pellet producers, it is also free to choose the testing bodies, regardless of the nationality.

The registered testing bodies for pellet plant

Organization Telephone Website
ASG Analytik-Service GmbH +49-821-450423-11 
BEA Institut für Bioenergie GmbH +43 660 5229683
BELAB +46 011-15 73 71
Biomass Energy Lab +1-218-428-3583
DEKRA Automobil GmbH +49-345 52359 805
Eurofins France +33 (0)3 88 02 15 62
Eurofins Umwelt Ost GmbH +49-3731-2076-500
Fundacion CARTIF +34 983 143 804
Holzforschung Austria +43-1-7 982 623-66
Inspectorate Ghent NV +32 475 46 00 40
Intertek (Schwitzerland) AG +41-43-433-78-11
IUQ Dr. Krengel GmbH +49-0388-17839-0
Knight Energy Services +44 01563 850 375
OFI +43-1-798-1601-492
SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH +49 30 847 18 238
SOCOR +33-3-2794-3370
TLR International Laboratories +31-10-2823-292
TÜV NORD Czech, s.r.o. +420 545 110 120
Twin Ports Testing, Inc. +1-715-392-7114

Submit the application forms for pellet plant

When you got the certification body, inspection body and testing body for your pellet plant and finished the application forms, then you should email the application forms to, and mail two signed copies to AEBIOM office, the address is : AEBIOM – European Biomass Association, Place du Champ de Mars 2, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.

a picture of AEBIOM

Get the certification for pellet plant

When the AEBIOM received your application forms, they will start to check if your pellet plant is qualified. If your pellet plant meets all the requirements, the pellet council will send you an invoice for the license fee for the first year. After the payment, you will get your certification seal, the certificate and countersigned license contract. There you can start to use the Enplus trade mark on the package of your wood pellet.

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