Biomass Energy

As the combustion performance is the main concern of the end users. Therefore, get the comprehensive information of different biomass pellets combustion properties is quite important for the biomass pellet plants to produce the suitable biomass pellets for proper markets. We have talked about the design of biomass pellet combustion property test in the last post. This time, we will analyze the combustion property of the eight kinds of biomass pellets based on the test result.

Biomass pellet fuel is a typical solid biomass fuel which shows the advantages such as highly efficient, clean, easy to burn and carbon zero emission. Biomass pellet can be used in both civil and industrial fields such as cooking, heating, boiler combustion and electric generation. It is one of the famous substitutes of coal in the world. But the poor quality biomass pellet has high ash content and high alkali metal content, which may cause slag bonding, alkali and chlorine corrosion or serious fly ash problem in the combustors during biomass pellet combustion.

Pellet Mill Ring Die Installation

There are three pellet mill ring die installation methods, straight sided installation, conical sided installation, holt hoop installation. It is easy to install ring dies use the straight sided installation method. Straight sided installation makes the ring die steady, the ring die is not easy to tip. But the fixing bolt of the ring die is easy to break, so it is not suitable for industrial ring die pellet mill. Conical sided installation makes the ring die maintain perfect centering performance and great transmission torque.

In a complete pellet production line, ring die pellet mill is the core equipment. And in a single ring die pellet mill, ring die is the core component, it is the main wearing part of a ring die pellet mill. According to the statistics, the cost of wear and tear of ring die covers more than 25% of the whole maintenance cost of the producing department. Moreover, it also effect wood pellet quality directly. Therefore, to get to know the knowledge of features of pellet mill ring die is significantly important for the pellet makers. It can help them choose suitable ring die pellet mill, use it properly and maintain it effectively.

For the industrial pellet plants, ring die pellet mill is the core machine of the complete wood pellet processing line. The name “ring die pellet mill” is named after its die shape. And for a ring die pellet mill, the design of the ring die is extremely important as it is the main wear part of the ring die pellet mill. The main parameters of ring die are: the diameter of ring die, the effective width of compression, rotary speed of ring die, the diameter of rollers and the raw material of ring die.

Wood pellet is a famous substitute of fossil fuel worldwide due to its unique features of clean, low cost, renewable and so on. Especially for the European countries, they have the longest wood pellet utilization history compare to the rest of the world. They have not only used the wood pellet in power generation industry and central heating system, but also have developed a batch of household appliances which use wood pellet as the fuel, such as pellet stove, pellet grill, etc.

The energy and environment problem have become the key focus global wide. Due to the requirements of the rapid economic development, the contradiction between energy and environment has been more and more serious. The over-exploitation of coal makes the coal source decreases rapidly, moreover, during the mining, it causes huge damage of the environment, such as the land subsidence, the damage of headwaters area, etc. Talk about the petroleum, the oil sources are concentrated, so most of the countries’ oil demand depends on import, which makes you controlled by others, and may cause the energy crisis.

Wood pellet is a common fuel product which is made from sawdust and wood wastes. The wood materials has been compacted into uniformed pellets by the complete wood pellet line. With years of development, wood pellet has been utilized into many different territories. And the end users can buy it in the supermarkets in Europe and America countries.

If you are determined to start your pellet business, or when you try to open a wood pellet plant, to have a complete pellet plant business plan will definitely guide the way to construct and manage the pellet plant. As the expansion of wood pellet market, there are many turnkey pellet plant service providers global wide. Most of the pellet plant providers promise to provide a complete pellet plant business plan for their clients. Actually, the turnkey pellet plant provider is a company which builds the pellet plant for you based on your requirements, such as the capacity, electric system. But, a pellet plant business plan is more than the purchase of the pellet plant machinery. It contains many different parts which should be known only by the pellet plant owners, especially the cost of building a complete pellet plant.